Thalia Gardens Festival - Presented by NBHAP

There are festivals, celebrating the cliché: camping, outdoor, mud, rain – either too hot or too wet, you name it. Fortunately, there’s also an increasing number of tiny but distinguished festivals which feel more like an entertaining, comforting happening, instead of the domesticated chaos hailed by their big and crowded relatives. Now that we revealed what we prefer from time to time, let’s get concrete: we at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION were delighted by last year’s edition of the THALIA GARDENS FESTIVAL in Dresden, Germany and therefore are more than proud to present to you the THALIA GARDENS FESTIVAL 2013! This year’s edition will take place from Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st of July. Amidst the lovely atmosphere of the Neustadt in Dresden – a famous and popular quarter for young, creative and openminded people – the Thalia-cinema will open its doors for a very limited amount of attendants, promising everyone to be part of an exclusive evening or weekend.

Thalia Gardens Festival

Again organized by the caring people at P.S. Works, the hosts subsimated a very carefully selected line-up under their Sunset Mission-project in which frame the THALIA GARDENS FESTIVAL will take place. First of all: last year’s festival-darlings THE MIGHTY OAK will return with their cheerful folk-anthems. Those should make a perfect addition to the sound of the young and highly talented Belgish songwriter Bram Vanpary alias THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE. His most recent, self-titled record The Bony King Of Nowhere literally made us sigh because of its sheer beauty. Furthermore, solitary melancholy will be served by the very promising GABRIEL MILLER PHILLIPS, MOUNT WASHINGTON-singer Rune Simonse aka LAGOONBIRD, as well as from DOUGLAS DARE, a young buddy of ÓLAFUR ARNALDS. Besides those acts, we really look forward to the appearence of Leipzig’s finest Loop-Jazz/Folk-combo A FOREST, as well as to the mezmerizing tunes from German songwriter MOHNA and the Danish Electropop-act LYDMOR. Some delicate and catchy clicks’n’cuts from British sound-artist RIVAL CONSOLES will close the gap between the very decent line-up and the heroes of the dark: the DJs. They will make sure that everybody’s having a good night on top of a great evening – be it in the theater hall, at the open-air-stage in the garden or in the neat bar-foyer.

Just like last year, visitors will also get the chance to experience art in other forms than music, for the Thalia still is a cinema, isn’t it? Piramida, the film that follows our beloved friends from EFTERKLANG in the making of their most recent musical project, will be shown on the opening evening at Thursday as well as at the aftershow-evening on Sunday. All in all, it seems that the THALIA GARDENS FESTIVAL aims to top our high expectations from last year, therefore we can’t do anything but to recommend to you to pay Dresden a visit on this special occasion. And if we can’t convince you, then maybe this little video of last year’s edition will do.