What’s a good road trip without a proper soundtrack? Right, not nearly as good as with one! And in many ways we couldn’t have asked a better band to curate and therefor somehow reactivate our old Road Trip playlist than Finnish dream pop three-piece NEØV. Somehow the sound of the group around leading man Anssi Neuvonen always felt like a perfect fit for an adventure, one where you leave the city, head for the woods and free yourself from all the pressure of modern living. Their recent music videors for Elysion and Person I Used To Be definitely underline that urge and if you feel the need to head to Finland for your next road trip we totally understand you.

So, as said before NEØV are perfect curators for our playlist and Anssi delivered a diverse selection featuring The National, Jamie xx, Death Cab For Cutie, Neil Young and Sharon Van Etten. Here’s how he describes his picks:

‘This playlist is a selection of songs that I’ve been enjoying this year while traveling with NEØV in Finland and abroad. Here up north, the distances between cities are long, and it also takes quite a time to get to continental Europe, so in these circumstances roadtrip playlists can act literally as a survival kit. My two-hour playlist in hand is a combination of indie rock and art rock, classic roadtrip vibes and something else, hope and melancholy, some ambient and electronica flavors, doses of soul and soul rock, and a couple of pieces inspired by traditional folk music.’

So, get ready to hit the ‘follow’ and ‘play’ buttons right here. Please note that NEØV‘s 25 song strong selection will be only available for a limited time before we merge it with our selection. The long awaited third album by the trio goes by the name Volant and arrives on February 1 vis Clouds Hill. They are also heading on a small tour, please find the dates below.

UPDATE: The band’s picks have now merged with our own ones to form one mighty playlist