New Spotify Playlists of NBHAP

Check out the 4 new Spotify Playlists by NBHAP

Beloved readers. As you should know by now, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION jumped on the Spotify bandwagon a few months ago and we’re happy to see that a few of you are also willing to join us. And for the rest: if you haven’t clicked the ‘Follow’-Button yet please do so right here. We offer you a bunch of hand-picked playlists for every mood whether you want to dream a bit on a lazy Sunday or prepare yourself for a night out. And our weekly updated ‘New Releases’ playlist gives you a quick auditory overview on the latest new artists we featured on the magazine.

Quality is something that remains quite important for us when it comes to the creation of those playlists. We don’t want to give you the obvious latest hits and classics (although there’s room for them) but want to shake things up by including rarities, hidden treasures and unknown material to the equation. By doing so we just want to give our Spotify playlists a little bit more love and individuality. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is aiming to surprise you from time to time and introduce you to music that hasn’t been on your radar yet. Because – let’s be honest – that’s the more exciting way to experience music, right?

Therefor we added four brand new selections to our existing playlists. Discover them right here.

Spotify Playlist: Best New Artists 2016

For those of you who want to know what the upcoming months might sound like. We present you up and coming new artists that might not be on your radar yet but definitely deserve a spot there. Music for fresh ears and those who’d like to get surprised.

Spotify Playlist: Emotional Emergency

For all your desperate lovers and heartbroken romantics. Powerul ballads and initmate love songs, aside from all the clichés. It’s a solitude-spending soundtrack for those darker times in your life and it’ll hopefully make you feel better.

Spotify Playlist: Party Time

Well, the title might seem a bit odd but it’s pretty close to its core because we’re not about moaning all the time. Sometimes you just want to celebrate life and the power of the groove. To do so we give you four hours of funky tunes from various genres to keep you dancing. Yes, it’s indeed that simple.

Spotify Playlist: Dark Night

If you ever find yourself stumbling around in the darkness do not hesitate to make this playlist to your personal soundtrack. Melancholic lullabies straight from the twilight zone – this is music to guarantee goosebumps and sounds that work best when you dim all the lights

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