Hello darkness, my old friend! As we share a special love for the time between dusk and dawn we’re always happy if people recommending us new soundtracks for exactly these nocturnal moments. And Boy Harsher‘s latest studio album Careful is definitely a fitting record for late night adventures. On it Augusts Muller and Jae Matthews deliver finest dark wave material that is as sharp as it is rough, unravelling a haunting sinister sensuality we’re really digging.

It’s needless to say that we somehow also expected a similar feeling when we asked the duo to compile an exclusive NBHAP Guestmix for us. So, yeah, it’s 46 minutes of gloomy pleasures from different eras, ultimately leading towards the iconic Sleeper In Metropolis by Anne Clarke. It was also heavily inspired by Boy Harsher‘s touring life as they explain to us:

‘This mix reflects our near constant nighttime drives. We load out each night, buzzed and pumped through with adrenaline. Then, we hop in the van (our nest) and drive against the black highway. Music is essential in this time. You gotta’ meditate – you can’t just blast off. Yet, sounds that are too somber / delicate might carry you to sleep. Here are a select few that demonstrate that perfect balance, between lush and perky.’

Indeed, it’s the perfect soundtrack for nightly cruising and we surely hope it will also fill your black hearts with excitement. Don’t forget to catch the band on their upcoming tour. You won’t regret it.

Boy Harsher – ‘Nighttime Drive Guestmix’ – Tracklist

01. Patrick Selinger – Business Man (Instrumental)
02. John Cale – The Sleeper
03. Fingers Inc. – Mysteries of Love
04. Marie Davidson – So Right (Extended)
05. Looky Looky – Nurse Coven Rides Again
06. Sally Dige – Holding On
07. Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done to Me
08. Algiers – 1st November 1954
09. Anne Clark – Sleeper in Metropolis

Photos by Louisa Zimmer