Noise, energy, screams, sweat, movement – after almost a year living with and in the pandemic these words might appear quite strange to many of us, almost like distanced echos from the past. It feels like an odd move for us to update our Noise Attitude Playlist on Spotify right now because it’s one driven by power and also the physical experience of live music. But that’s not an option in the Covid reality and right now it feels like we’re all in one big winterly slumber, slowly making it through this life day by day while trying not to give in to the lethargy or despair we’re feeling. But you know what? Maybe now is exactly the right time to update this playlist and provide powerful and egdy tunes to awake your fighting spirit. There’s plenty of things to be pissed about these days – sure, the virus itself but also all the non-believers who are protesting against it (and therefore against science and logic), those terrorists that stormed the Capitol, the still very present climate catastrophe, regressive and ignorant politicans, social injustice – raising your first and voice feels still very much appropriate, wouldn’t you agree? And letting of some steam these days isn’t the worst thing one can do. And although we can’t join a moshpit or street protest right now, we can still turn towards the music, crank up the volume and blast the following tunes through our headphones or stereo system.

Our musical energy source against winter depression is now completely rearranged, adding new favourites right next to beloved classics. Of course, there’s plenty of guitar-driven music in here, featuring new songs by Shame, Cloud Nothings, IDLES, Metz, Amyl And The Sniffers and Pom Poko. Along with these well-known ones come a few hidden treasures form the indie and punk rock underground you should pay attention to. There’s also room for pumping and more aggressive hip hop in here along with noisy electronic music and ary pop. There are artists that clearly extend the genre limitations to interesting new territory here. Buzzing newcomer Rina Sawayma opens the playlist with a song that is a clear nod to long gone nu-metal days while buzzing producer prodigies 100 gecs takes one step further and reworked Linkin Park‘s iconic One Step Closer in a very refreshing yer satisfy way. Artists like Zheani and PRINCESSBRI mix the gruny punk spirit with a certain pop and trap sensibility, making sure to leave the whole cosmos of angry music not just to the boys. There’s plenty of fascinating new music waiting for you to be discovered in here. Now is the right time to lett of some steam and we hope our noise playlist can be an helpful ally here.