The start of a new year could mean multiple things: New beginnings, brave resolutions, a change of habits or just an outburst of activism in multiple personal or professional fields. Still, it’s kind of odd to link your ambitions to one specific date, right? And since NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is always thrilled to provide you with musical guidance for all different sorts of emotions we’re happy to present you our freshly installed Roadtrip playlist on Spotify, packed with uplifting, hopeful and energetic songs to get your start on your personal 2017 and – of course -beyond.

There’s no necessity to jump into a real car for enjoying this selection, obviously; it’s just the overall theme for the quite universal character of this ongoing mixtape featuring tracks by SIGUR RÓS, SUFJAN STEVENS, COURTNEY BARNETT, THE CURE, PIXIES and many other favourites. Almost 6 hours with 80 tracks that will lift your mood, encourage you to look for new horizons and make the next months just a bit better for you and the people in your close environment. After all, a roadtrip can have various meanings, right? Enjoy yours right here.

NBHAP on Spotify