The Antlers - Photo by Marc Lemoine

Photo by Marc Lemoine

It’s not really a surprise that the latest work of American indie rock band THE ANTLERS has been heavily influenced by ambient music. Their terrific new record Familiars was not only named ‘Album of the Week’ on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION but also took the music of the three-piece into new emotional heights. It’s a heart-wrenching and gentle record that instantly soaks you into its special atmosphere. Highly recommendable material, if you haven’t listen to it yet.

As THE ANTLERS are about to go on a global tour we asked frontman Peter Silberman to compile a special playlist about these ambient influences. The result comes in form of a selection of bittersweet songs or as the singer calls it: ‘An ambient collection of drones to help you descend or ascend, depending on your preference.’ So, no more words needed right here. Let the music do the talking. You can listen to Peter’s playlist right here via Spotify or in form of the listed clips below.


JONSI & ALEX – ‘Boy 1904’

STARS OF THE LID – ‘Daughters Of Quiet Minds’


ELUVIUM – ‘Seeing You Off The Edges’


TIM HECKER – ‘Blood Rainbow’