The Boxer Rebellion - 2013 - Photo by Vincent Dolman

Photo by Vincent Dolman

They could easily be one of indie music’s hardest working group’s of the past years. And although nearly every band claims to be ‘indie’ these days THE BOXER REBELLION might be one of the few group’s who are independent in their spirit and the way they fought for themselves and their success during the recent years. After their major label run bankrupt just in time for the group’s debut Exits in 2005 it looks like they were lost from the start but they found a way back and fought for themselves.

They toured the whole planet, gave away songs for free and released their second album Union in 2009 without any label or promotion and managed to enter the American Billboard Top 100 albums. They continued touring, recording and releasing without any break it seems. And each step brought them new fans and new attention like contributed songs for movies and TV series. Ten years into their career it looks like THE BOXER REBELLION have finally arrived at a good point. Their latest album Promises gave us eleven fresh and highly emotional pieces of music and is yet another proof why this band definitely deserves more attention. But – as always – they are working on it and you are happily invited to witness that process. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents you the following upcoming German dates.

17.09.2013 Cologne – Gebäude 9
19.09.2013 Berlin – Lido
25.09.2013 Leipzig – Werk2
26.09.2013 Hamburg – Reeperbahn Festival
27.09.2013 Frankfurt – Das Bett
29.09.2013 Munich – Ampere