We need to talk about THE CURE, kids. Well, do we really need to do this or is everything clear already? They are legends, beyond criticism, influenced multiple generations of artists from all different sorts of fields and are currently on their first big international tour in seven years. But we told you this before and honestly, if you can grab a ticket for the remaining shows, please do so.

THE CURE might not be the most entertaining of all those old arena-filling bands in terms of showmanship (Robert Smith has never been the Dave Gahan-type) but their music speaks for itself. And they usually play around three hours which seems fair, considering an almost four-decade-lasting career. They haven’t released a proper record in eight years and a few rumours are already stating that this tour might be some sort of farewell but with such a rich and diverse discography there’s actually no need to do any damage to the own legacy.

A live show by THE CURE is best practice nostalgia with timeless moody wave rock diamonds from the past 35 years.

One Hundred Years was never a single but the opener to 1982’s Pornography (which Robert Smith once described as one of three albums that define his band best) is one of the highlights during every live set. No surprise that songwriter SCOTT MATTHEW once told us, it’s his favourite on the album. One Hundred Years is a drive goth rock anti-war anthem where Smith gets surprisingly political as he mixes personal reflection with television images of falling soldiers while singing about ‘a hundred years of blood.’ It’s intense, it’s still quite heavy (just compare the 1984 version above with the 2002 live version below) and an outstanding highlight in the discography of a band every music lover should at least try to explore at somepoint in his or her life. Why not start with Pornography directly right here?