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Whether you like it or not, but the Coachella Festival remains a shameless celebration of extravaganza, musical diversity and all the good and bad things that can happen when art, celebrities and an undeniable commercial approach clash. Once again, the 2016 edition of the Californian festival was packed with plenty of insightful fashion trends (although we pretty much covered this aspect up last year), celebrity sightings and well, this thing called music we originally all came for, right?

In case you didn’t make it to California this weekend (neither did we, by the way) and keep asking yourself: ‘What did I miss?’ NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got you covered. This updated feature includes the – more or less – notable highlights from Coachella 2016. The second weekend usually is a bit less surprise-based than the first one but this year it was all about paying tribute to the great PRINCE who passed away in the days prior to the event.

01. LCD Soundsystem returned and performed ‘Heroes’

So, the long awaited return of James Muprhy and his band finally happened. And aside from earning them plenty of dollars (up to 1 Million as Billboard points out) it also showed that LCD SOUNDSYSTEM can still entertain the masses. Their tribute to the late DAVID BOWIE might have been the highlight of the set. Murphy himself might have been one of the few people on this year’s festival bill who actually worked with the thin white duke…

Update Weekend #2: For the second weekend, a PRINCE cover was almost obligatory. So, Murphy and his gang came and delivered a funky LCD SOUNDSYSTEM version of the legendary Controversy.

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02. Sufjan Stevens was literally an angel… and smashed his banjo after one song

Although last year’s wonderful Carrie & Lowell album showed the more intimate side of the beloved songwriter his current live set couldn’t be further away from that. As if angel wings, neon outfits and balloons weren’t already enough madness, SUFJAN even managed to smash his banjo after one song. Who said Rock’n Roll was dead?

Update Weekend #2: Teaming up with newcomer GALLANT, Mr. STEVENS delivered a truly wonderful own version of PRINCE‘s legendary 1984 hit Purple Rain. Witness it below.

03. Kanye West showed up every now and then

Yeezy remains busy. Although KANYE WEST didn’t actually perform a solo slot at this year’s event he showed up anyway. First, he supported his rap colleague A$AP ROCKY, later he did a way too short cameo at the set of SKRILLEX and DIPLO aka JACK Ü. We’ve expected a bit more craziness right here.

Father Stretch My Hands 📷: @chadwadsworth_atx

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04. Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC are now basically one band

We don’t even know where to start here. Alright, so the original GUNS N’ ROSES actually showed up (well, at least Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan) although Mr. Rose was still bound to the rock throne of Dave Grohl because he hurt his foot earlier this month. Speaking of good timing, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young also made a guest appearance since Rose was officially announced as temporary replacement for the band’s Brian Jonson for their remaining tour dates. This whole thing is so obscure that it perfectly fits to the Axl Rose legacy while it also works as fitting argument for those who think this is just a money-driven circus by some old rockstar has-beens who can’t let go.

05. Seal came by, performed ‘Crazy’ and suddenly the 90s were back

The one and only SEAL delivered even more 90s notalgia as he showed up for the set of newcomer GALLANT. Of course, they did the indestructible Crazy and SEAL would later also join his younger colleague for his single Weight In Gold. We really missed Kiss From A Rose here…

06. Okay, forget about Seal… Jared Leto showed up in a batik shirt

That’s the ultimate 90s thing to do…

07. The Bern was felt… Bernie Sanders made a guest appearance, obviously

If this whole ‘President’-thing won’t work out for Bernie Sanders we’re pretty sure that he’s about to become a full-time member of RUN THE JEWELS. This weekend, he introduced them via a video screen to show that he’s indeed the cool people’s candidate. We’re pretty sure that Hillary is now constantly trying to figure out a way to show up next weekend…

Update Weekend #2: Hillary didn’t show up to our surprise…

08. There’s something really strange about Twin Shadow and Zoe Kravitz

Are we the only ones who notice this or does Mr. Kravitz start to look more and more like her mother, Lisa Bonet. Aside from that, she’s dating a man that looks way too much like her own father, Lenny Kravitz, by now. Can somebody please call Dr. Freud?

Photo by Just Jared

Photo by Just Jared

09. Disclosure’s guestlist was the most impressive one

When THE BEATLES once wrote With a little help from my friends a situation like DISCLOSURE‘s peformance at Coachella might have been on their mind. For a gig like this the British house music brothers took no risks and flew in an impressive line-up of guest artists. Next to the obligatorical SAM SMITH (for Omen and Latch), LORDE, ALUNA GEORGE and even KWABS made their way to the desert to heat up the masses.

@lordemusic joins @disclosure at @coachella. 📷: @philipcosores #coachella

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10. LUSH didn’t make it… yet

The Coachella has always been about bigger and smaller comebacks in the past years. Whether it’s PULP, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 or AT THE DRIVE-IN: they all started their comeback runs right here. British shoegaze/rockers LUSH were supposed to be another band in that famous line but… well, something went wrong with their VISA so fans have to wait ’til next week.

11. Straight Outta Compton… and onto the stage of Coachella: N.W.A. reformed as well

Coachella 2016 - NWA

Visitors of ICE CUBE’s set at Coachella 2016 were definitely ‘about to witness the strength of street knowledge’ as the man himself brought up his old N.W.A. crew, well except for Dr. Dre. DJ Yella, MC Ren all showed up and someone was even kind enough to even invite Snoop Dogg. The result was pure oldschool rap pleasure that proved you don’t need a Tupac or Eazy-E hologram to represent the good old West Coast vibe.

Update Weekend #2: The busy schedule of Dr. Dre looked way better this weekend, allowing the gang to make a full N.W.A comeback. They even performed the almighty California Love. Oh, and KENDRICK LAMAR was here as well. Witness it below.