2.54 - Photo by Joseph Piper

Photo by Joseph Piper

Earlier this week, beloved British wave pop siblings Colette and Hannah Thurlow aka 2:54 reported back with a strong sophomore album, The Other I. Once again they present a solid selection of sinister anthems, just in time for the arrival of autumn. Perfect music for falling leaves, grey skies and these days that are constantly getting shorter. It’s a fitting moment to look a bit deeper into the music that recently inspired the two sisters on their way to album number two. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION asked Colette Thurlow to list some of her all-time and current favourites. Expect not that much darkness but really wonderful tunes in the following selection.

01. Rhosyn – ‘Birds’

Rose Dagul of RHOYSAN played cello on our new record, ‘The Other I’. Rose is an incredible musician and singer, we can’t wait to see what she does next!

02. St. Vincent – ‘Laughing with a mouth full of blood

We recently saw Annie Clark play the Roundhouse in London. It was a remarkable performance, a total assault.

03. Brody Dalle – ‘Underworld’

We love the new Brody Dalle record, it’s really melodic and hooky. There hasn’t been enough written about how influential a guitarist and front-woman Brody is to women of mine and my sister’s generation. She’s an inspiring figure.

04. SLEEP – ‘The Clarity’

SLEEP got a lot of play in our van touring the first record. As soon as ‘The Clarity’ came out this year, I took it running with me, it makes me run faster. Big intro.

05. Ballet School – ‘Lux’

A fellow Bella Union band, BALLET SCHOOL make really classy pop. I love this track from their debut record, ‘The Dew Lasts An Hour’.

06. Dirty Three – ‘I offered it up to the stars and the night sky’


07.The Flying Burrito Brothers – ‘Wheels’

We’re big Gram Parson’s fans, ‘Wheels’ has the kind of gorgeous, heroic chorus I fall instantly in love with.