Foundling – ‘Spooky’

Not familiar with the name FOUNDLING? But maybe with FERAL & STRAY, the former incarnation of Canadian singer/songwriter Erin Lang which we introduced you to back in late 2014. In the same year she also released a really lovely LP called Between You And The Sea but decided to make a clean cut in the aftermath – including a new name and a new album she’s currently working on. A first taste from FOUNDLING comes in the form of Spooky, a cover of Percy Sledge’s legendary 1960’s classic soul track. The fact that it was released just in time for Halloween makes way too much sense, especially with this quite spooky music video.

Pumarosa – ‘Honey’

We’re always falling for atmospheric wave rock with female lead vocals. PUMAROSA from the UK sound like the missing link between SAVAGES and DESPERATE JOURNALIST and their latest single Honey is an urgent but somehow also gentle and hypnotic piece of sweetness. They just released their self-titled debut EP via Fiction Records and are about to support GLASS ANIMALS and KATE TEMPEST soon. There are worse ways to get a career started, don’t you agree?

Young Dreams – ‘Of The City’

Remember these guys? Well, we must confess we almost forgot about Norway’s YOUNG DREAMS following a gentle amount of hype back in 2012 and 2013 and their debut album Between Places. Now, after quite a long break the group from Bergen steps out of the shadows and back into the limelight with a tropical new single called Of The City. We don’t know what follows this sudden return but this one’s really fun, we must say.

Fufanu – ‘Bad Rockets’

Reykjavík-based experimenters FUFANU have a huge following already including YEAH YEAH YEAH‘s Nick Zinner and DAMON ALBARN himself. The band recently announced its new LP Sports vor February 3rd via Our Little Indian and the latest single Bad Rockets brings us all the joyful weirdness we’ve come to love from them. Jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late, girls and boys.

Sløtface – ‘Empire Records’

Okay, we know: we featured SLØTFACE multiple times in our Weekly Discoveries before and by know you should have really discovered those guys from Stavanger, Norway and their playful independent rock. Empire Records, the latest tune off their new EP by the same name is another argument. ‘It’s pretty much a silly song about running away to dusty record stores when you’re sick of normal life,’ explains singer and contnues: ‘I’ve always dreamed about working in a place like Empire Records or Championship Vinyl from High Fidelity.’ So, if you think record stores are magical places as well, please sing along with SLØTFACE right here.

ANUBIS-XIII – ‘Ruby Palace’

the_accidental_poet  is a YouTube channel that aims to support the ‘freshest independent & experimental bass music’. It just celebrated its fifth anniversary, and released a compilation called PENTAMER to celebrate. It features a track from a producer called ANUBIS-XIII, contributing with a track called RUBY PALACE, a shapeshifting, glowing piece of glitched electronica, and you can listen to it below. The whole compilation is available on Bandcamp here.

Vessels – ‘Had A Love (feat. Anna Of The North)’

VESSELS are a Leeds-based five piece (Lee J. Malcolm, Martin Teff, Tim Mitchell, Tom Evans and Peter Wright) who are currently working on their fourth full-length, a follow-up to 2015’s Dialate. For their latest single, Had A Love, they’ve recruited Norwegian superstar-in-waiting ANNA OF THE NORTH on vocals. The result is a subtly catchy electronic dance track, one that avoids aggression and muscle and instead focuses on soft groove and the exposed emotion in AOTN’s voice. It’s out now on Different Recordings.

Søjus1 – ‘006’

Sometimes you can make quite an impressive music video with simple and effective methos. SØJUS1 from Dresden for example. The band’s latest music video takes us from Chernobyl to Munich and back and keeps the look of a documentary while teaming up with the epic sounds of 006. The German two-piece deliver finest cinematic progressive rock with an epic finale as if RADIOHEAD would team up with MOGWAI to share songwriting duties on one track. 006 might be it and should work as argument enough to listen to the self-titled debut album by SØJUS1 right now.

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