NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s weekly round-up of new songs, musical discoveries and lovely little gems that definitely didn’t deserve to slip under your radar.

Innerspace Orchestra - Photo by Stephanie Wilson

Photo by Stephanie Wilson

Activating ‘supergroup mode’ in 3,2,1 … British three-piece INNERSPACE ORCHESTRA not only got a great name but also prominent band members. Tom Furse (THE HORRORS), Cathy Lucas (FANFARLO) and Rose Dougall (THE PIPETTES) joined forces for their spherical hyper pop that got a certain ambitious touch. Their debut single One Way Glass is out now via Different Recordings and we highly recommend you to hit the ‘Play’ button below.

It’s been a while since we heard new sounds by producer Marcus Lambkin aka SHIT ROBOT. But now he returns to the almighty DFA Records with a third album called What Follows. It arrives on May the 6th and the first single OB-8 is almost eight minutes of hands-up retro rave. They would have played this one back at the Hacienda, right?

Savages - Photo by Collin Lane

Photo by Collin Lane

Our favourite post-punk heroines, SAVAGES, are currently on tour, promoting their second album Adore Life. And if you need another argument to get yourself a ticket, please enjoy the powerful 30-minute-long live session the band recorded for Arte. You can stream it right here and also read our recent interview with Jehnny Beth right here.

It’s been way too long since we heard from ANIKA. She put out an LP and an EP of murky, cold electro with PORTISHEAD‘s Geoff Barrow a few years ago and has been relatively silent since. Now she’s teamed up with Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Hector Melgarejo for a new project, EXPLODED VIEW. In the dark, bleak sound of their debut single No More Parties In The Attic they do echo her previous work, but it sounds more mechanical and brutalist this time out, like someone engineered a creaking factory to produce music. An album from the foursome is due out on Sacred Bones this summer.

We recently already presented you the catchy new single Lipslap by the all-hyped KERO KERO BONITO. Now, the song also gets a shiny music video with totally unsurprising content. The band shot their own sitcom-based video, full of colours, cuddly toys and a far too impressive number of costume changes. Looks like a funny video shoot, right? Witness it below.

Tellef Raabe - 2016

If you happen to love sinister but catchy new wave pop with strong 80s references Norwegian newcomer TELLEF RAABE might become your favourite new thing to listen to this weekend. It’s a bit as if THE NATIONAL‘s Matt Berninger recorded a synthpop album in the style of ROXY MUSIC. He’s currently preparing his first full-length for a release later in 2016. The first single is the smooth Flying On The Ground you can stream it below and also catch an atmospheric video clip right here.

Ever heard of the genre ‘drone pop’? Well, it’s about time to change that. LOAM are a three piece drone-pop band that assembled in the Sheffield area and formed four months ago. Their first piece goes by the name A Room and it is hypnotic 7 minutes of sinister sweetness you should not miss. And we totally get the ‘drone’ aspect here…

The thing about self-confidence anthems is that despite having good intentions they can often be, well, a bit shit. RABBII’s new single, Chameleon, however, does self-belief right. It’s a piece of murky pop, flickering and pulsing as singer Johanna Berglund rails against very modern problems (‘I keep taking the pills that keep me from killing me’) and vows that she’s finished with using a fragmented personality as a defence mechanism (‘I am done, with being a chameleon‘). And it comes with an impressive video that perfectly complements the song’s complex themes.

Digitalism - Photo by Magnetism

Photo by Magnetism

Remember DIGITALISM? The German electrorave/pop two-piece is ready to launch Mirage, their first full-length LP in five years. It arrives on May 13 via Magnetism/ [PIAS] Cooperative and you can already stream not one but two songs called Utopia and Battlecry. Stream them both below.

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