Fabrizio Cammarata – ‘Hold And Stay’

Songs like Hold And Stay by FABRIZIO CAMMARATA really make us miss the summer already. It’s such an easy-going piece of gentle singer/songwriter folk that also delivers a certain melancholic vibe. The Sicilian musician stated that Hold And Stay is about ‘distance – in a figurative way – in a relationship’ and that just underlines the bittersweet vibe of it. Great music video as well, by the way.

Pari San – ‘Polyhorns’

PARI SAN is quite an interesting musical joint venture between German electronic producer Paul Brenning and Iranian-born singer Pari Eskandari. Hypnotic and wild electronica teams up with quite organic vocals and the ROBOT KOCH-co-produced single Polyhorns creates a certain psychedelic hype which might appeal to all fans of FKA TWIGS and THE KNIFE. Their EP Frozen Time has just been released.

Matineé – ‘Satellite’

Satellite by London-based four-piece MATINEÉ is finest 80s-infected dark wave pop/rock for those who would like to mix a KILLERS tune with a few more dark ingredients. And that itself should make you curious enough to click on the ‘play’ button right here.

Hejira –  ‘I Don’t Belong To Anyone’

I Don’t Belong To Anyone is a track born from a trip by HEJIRA to Ethiopia, where singer Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne spent a month uncovering her heritage and visiting relatives. She was joined for ten days of that trip by her bandmates Sam Beste and Alex Reeve, and the influences, and samples from Ethiopian cassettes, they brought back were thrown into the creative mixing pot for the new album The Lima Limo Cermony, out early next year. The first taste of the record is I Don’t Belong To Anyone, a subtle dance track built around a shuffling beat, groove-soaked bassline and the effortless cool of Debebe-Dessalegne’s vocal. It’s one thing using original influences, but the music still has to be good. Luckily, HEJIRA have ticked both boxes on the excellent I Don’t Belong To Anyone.

Metsä – ‘Nobody Else (feat. Fjer)’

METSÄ is Max Prendergast, a  producer from Washington State USA who’s recruited Danish musician FJER for his latest single. Nobody Else is a song that unfurls gently, featherweight synths chiming before it opens up into a soaring chorus. FJER‘s vocals give the song an extra layer of emotional depth, making it a perfect piece of low-key soulful electronica.

Odd Couple – ‘Haste Strom, Haste Licht’

If you happen to be in the mood for really weird but powerful krautrock with German lyrics (that you really don’t need to understand) we got something for you. Berlin-based garage rock two-piece ODD COUPLE are about to release their new album Flügge on November 4 and the latest single Haste Strom, Haste Licht (which you can translate as ‘Got electricity, got light’) is a dirty piece of lo-fi rock that now also comes with a retro-infected music video that – just like the music – sounds like it was found on an old tape from 1973. These guys are also performing at Tutti Frutti Fest in Berlin on December, presented by NBHAP. So, don’t miss that either.

Living – ‘A Light’

We’re written about Bergen gang LIVING before, and the three-piece has since become four with the addition of James Kalinoski to Nora Tårnesvik, Sturla Kverneng and Lucas de Almeida. They’re about to drop their debut self-titled EP, and they’re leading with the single A Light. A Light is a shape-shifting sound palette, drifting pysch delicately balanced against and held in place by a driving drumbeat and bassline. It’s less of a song and more a world you dive into, and we can only recommend that you do. Living is out on November 11th on Brilliance.

Amber Arcades – ‘Which Will’

Dutch songwriter Annelotte de Graaf released a really sweet debut album with Fading Lines under her alias AMBER ARCADES earlier this year and we can highly recommend you to check it out. Now, she returns with quite an unusual cover of NICK DRAKE‘s Which Will. She doesn’t stick to the character of the 1972 track from his legendary Pink Moon album and therefore really manages to create an interesting cover version. Something you don’t experience every day, right?

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