Yes, it’s that time of the year. Valentine’s Day is upon us and according to the machinery of capitalism we all have to celebrate it, buy flowers, sweets, expensive gifts and luxurious dinner dates. Well, as you can see the institution of Valentine’s Day itself deserves a critical reflection but that’s not what this article here is about. While love should be celebrated on every day of the year by spreading it around, life often doesn’t reward you with love. Sometimes it’s hard, you feel alone or you suffer from horrible heartbreak, unrequited love, emotional breakdowns and times when that whole mess called life feels a bit too much to actually take.

In those moments music can be your soul-soothing companion, an anchor to hold on to and an outlet of emotional empathy. In times of desperation the right song might change your mood or make you realize that you are not alone with the emotional weight on your shoulders. As always, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION likes to help you with a fitting soundtrack. That’s why our carefully curated ‘Heartbreak Ballads‘ playlist now got a few fresh updates and new music in there to keep you company in those times. Seven hours of delicate musical sadness await you, including beloved favourites like Lykke Li, The National, Alt-J, London Grammar, Death Cab For Cutie and Bright Eyes.

But there are also lots of hidden treasures from the recent months in the playlist, including the tearjerking slow dance ballad Mind by Sarah Klang, newcomers Tuvaband, the wonderful I Never Really by Anna Leone we featured as Daily Tune before just like the live version of Credo, Pt. II by Danish composer August Rosenbaum. Talented newcomers like Wy, Konni Kass, Niklas Paschburg and Fenne Lily also get their moment, allowing you to discover a lot of new music along that gloomy ride. Still, here’s hope in the end. There always will be, right? Until then let’s … ehm, ‘enjoy’ hours of sweet sadness via the following heartbreak playlist.