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shout out louds

20 Years Of Shout Out Louds, Captured In 10 Songs: A Personal Reflection With The Band’s Adam Olenius

With their sixth studio album on the horizon the Swedish indie rock sweethearts really seem to age like a fine wine. Although their sound might have matured and softened a bit over the past years they still know how to write these emotionally captivating little anthems that aim directly for your heart. After two decades in the music business I sat down with band leader Adam to revisit some of mine (and also his) favourite tunes from the past years.
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Will 2022 See The Big Return Of The 00s Indie Rock Icons?

Cleverly timed nostalgia, a true second coming or just pure coincidence? Some of the most loved indie rock groups from the golden heydays of the early 21st century are set to return with new records this year. NBHAP head and original ‘survivor’ of the indie scene, Norman Fleischer, gives an overview of what to expect in the next months.
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