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We’re constantly having our eyes on the future of music, look for exciting new talents and those artists and songs that might change your life. NBHAP’s ‘Ahead’ category is the place for first movers, musical explorers and those of you who’d like to discover new sounds before all your cool friends.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Elsa Carmona

Following her start in the major label sector the distinctive singer now lives in her own creative world and has just dropped new single 'X-Lover'. The song joins other exciting new tunes from Hello Ocean, Me Not You, Avalanche Party, HMLTD and Sailing Stones in our favourite spot for new music.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Linen Closet

The band from Austin, Texas delivers a complex and captivating piece of independent rock with their latest single "Too Fast". Check it out in our newcomer playlist along with other fresh additions from Jolly Goods, Stevan, Jo Goes Hunting, Veyls Mâneyr and more.

Synästhesie Festival Is The Psych-Rock Retreat Berlin Never Knew it Needed

Here is a little glimmer of hope for all of those in Berlin who do not get excited over pumping techno beats. In the middle of the capital of electronic music and techno parties, the Synästhesie festival creates an island of refuge for the ones among you who prefer to get their eardrums bashed by a crashing guitar riff rather than a core-shaking DJ set.

From Mystical Antelopes To Saving Animals: An Introduction Into The World Of MAREY

Here is another one of Switzerland’s freshest musical exports; MAREY. The alternative pop/trip-hop duo consists of the two musicians Maryam Hammad and Aurèle Louis who have been making music together since 2016. Completely independent they released 'Save Animals Eat People', a rich album full of quiet melancholia, which starts on a positive note buts gets darker and darker towards the end.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Johanna Amelie

Brighten up your day with the new track Being from yet another promising songwriter talent. Further additions to our newcomer playlist include Leelo, Sgrow, Peggy Sue, King Kross and more.