Calexico - 2015

Oh CALEXICO, you never fail to put a smile on our old faces. With sunny melodies and sweet Latin vibes your music always warms up our hearts, even at its saddest moments. Thank god, the charismatic US folk experimentalists soon return with new material in the form of a fresh record called Edge Of The Sun. After previously already unleashing quite an uptempo anthem with the sweet Cumbia de Donde they now return to more melancholic territory.

Falling From The Sky is the name of the second new track and it comes with a pleasant surprise guest. Ben Bridwell from BAND OF HORSES contributes vocals to the track and as you can think this clearly isn’t the worst idea. Falling From The Sky feels like a first warm day of spring and a great appetizer for the forthcoming CALEXICO material. The album arrives on April the 14th, hopefully hand in hand with spring, right?