Elbow - Lost Worker Bee - Video


Out of the sudden British band ELBOW announced the release of a new EP last week. The four-track strong Lost Worker Bee EP is out today and a musical love letter to their hometown Manchester. Frontman Guy Garvey on their latest release: ‘We’ve always loved the EP as a format and we’ve enjoyed making this one so much I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another before long. All the songs on this EP are set in Manchester city centre. Manchester’s symbol has been the worker bee for hundreds of years and the lead track is about finding love far away from home.’

Why Should I Watch This?

Well, first of it, it’s new ELBOW material which definitely works as an argument of its own. And second: the video is just the right one you need on a Friday like today. Follow a good-hearted man in a suite who travels through the British countryside as he is confronted by plenty of different people. Expect a lot of dancing and laughing in the video for the song that feels a bit as if all the heaviness of daily life falls off our shoulders.

Anything Else?

If you enjoyed last year’s longplayer The Take Off and Landing of Everything you definitely won’t be disappointed by the latest ELBOW output. Lost Worker Bee is packed with more symphonic pop beauty in the band’s familiar sound environment and we definitely hope the already hinted hiatus of these guys in the next months won’t be that long.

Alternative video link right here.