Holy Esque - Hexx - Video


For quite a while now we’ve been watching Scottish four-piece HOLY ESQUE and are more than happy that the young gentlemen finally get a bit more attention. Leading man Pat Hynes clearly has one of the most unique and outstanding voices in the business right now. At Hope’s Ravine is the name of the group’s debut album which finally arrives on February 26, 2016. Lead single Hexx now also comes with a highly emotional music video.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because it’s as intense as the music, full of emotion and brutal honesty. Director William Kennedy documents young love in quite an extreme way, making emotional scars look like physical trauma. He explains the concept of the Hexx clip with the following words:

‘A stream of really exciting and disparate images came to mind when I first listened. But I felt the track deserved a character-driven piece. I wanted the fear and the vulnerability in this video to feel real and so I drew on my own personal fears. The fragility of the human body is something that has always terrified me ever since I was a child. I wanted the corruption of the physical body to reflect the emotional trauma. We can see the main character losing control of his mind as well as his body.’

Anything Else?

Earlier this year NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION already premiered the song Strange by HOLY ESQUE. Check this one out as well, just in case you need any more arguments for the band.