Photo Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Looks like everything is set up for the long awaited solo debut of former OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER. The man with the always enjoyable Twitter-Account just tweeted that his new album will go by the name As You Were. A release date and more details are likely to arrive every day now, especially considering the fact that the Mancunian rock legend is already booked for a handful of summer shows.

Aside from that not that much is known about the album which follows the split of his last band BEADY EYE and two solo efforts by bis brother Noel. The LP will be released via Warner Bros and first people who managed to get a glimpse of it described the album as pretty psychedelic and heavy. LIAM GALLAGHER himself stated that it’s more ‘chin up music’ and less RADIOHEAD which… well, isn’t that surprising right? Let’s revisit a classic below before that new chapter starts.