METZ - The Swimmer


Today is the day. Canadian grunge rockers METZ release their second LP II via Sub Pop. And the record became another highly entertaining pleasure as it proves that a band doesn’t need to back down for its second album. The latest longplayer by the furious rockers is as raw and powerful as their debut album from 2012.

Why Should I Watch This?

Because METZ don’t deliver your usual music video but something way more creative. Director Scott Cudmore chose an interesting direction and filmed the short video for The Swimmer with quite a unique camera work. The shaky and trippy style almost looks like a collage of short GIFs and it really helps to create an intense feeling. Besides that the content of the video is also quite strange at it leads us to a dark and dangerous urban neighbourhood with a protagonist whose desperate baptism attempt might not save him from his ultimate fate at all.

Anything Else?

Do METZ actually love being labeled grunge? And is the world ready yet for a comeback of the genre? Well, we could think of worse revivals, truly.