Orph - Photo by Candy Welz (4)

ORPH – Photo by Candy Welz

Since it’s still winter outside the new video by art pop band ORPH for Fao Tao feels like the perfect audiovisual treat this Wednesday. It’s an icy experience, delivers cold and static images and captivates the viewer with its clear and frosty pictures. The clip itself wasn’t actually shot in the arctic as one might assume but in an old casino instead. Well, who would have guessed that.

You might remember ORPH from such lovely videos like The King’s Garden (2012) and Black Sunday Romance (2013). Fao Tao, ‘fellowship of love,’ is a first teaser of a potential new album by the band. Or like they said… it’s an expedition. Join them on their frosty journey right here as NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION gives you the exclusive premiere of the new video for Fao Tao.