Poliça - Lime Habit

Channy Leaneagh and her classy electro pop outfit POLIÇA have just announced a new record, following a rather short pause from last years EP and 2013’s Shulamith. The new one is called United Crushers, will be out on March 4 via Mom + Pop and its also got a first single called Lime Habit, to be witnessed via the video below.

While this first piece strikes with a rather direct and personal approach, Leaneagh points out that it shouldn’t be mistaken for a general direction: “These lyrics are most diary like of any of the other songs on United Crushers. It’s all observations on my mode of operation and how it affects where I go. I’m speaking to myself mostly.” Speaking of speaking: Be sure to check out the conversation we had with POLIÇA last year and meanwhile enjoy the colourful Lime Habit video right here.