Sinkane - Photo by Martine Carlson

Photo by Martine Carlson

With the massive amount of newcomers who are finding their way into the inboxes of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION e-mails it’s far too easy to loose track on some of them. And sometimes we even overlook some talented ones. But in the case of Ahmed Gallab and his alter ego SINKANE it seems to be impossible. His voice is just too distinctive, too soulful and his songs are full of gentle emotions. Quite quickly you realize that there’s something special behind his sound. SINKANE could easily become the next big thing ‘though his upcoming record Mean Love (out on September the 1st via DFA Records/ City Slang) is already his fourth full length album. But what does that mean anyway? Just take Hold Tight, the first single from it. A smooth piece of retro-driven soul pop. Music for all lovers of 1980s SADE.

SINKANE mixes soul, r&b and synthpop while keeping a certain indie spirit and don’t ignore his African roots as well. And, in fact, Gallab really isn’t a total newcomer. He previously worked with CARIBOU, YEASAYER and OF MONTREAL. But 2014 will be his year to shine. The chances are good, we’re almost sure. So spread the love as we wait for the arrival of Mean Love. And learn more about this talented man as he took the time to answer our infamous ‘Introducing Q&A’ below.

If you need to describe your music to someone who only lived in the 1980s how would you do that? Which references from that era would you use?
You know that Bob Marley music video for his song One Love? How he has loads of people from all around the world singing his song? I think he also hangs out with a bunch of kids at a birthday party and dances with them. Paul McCartney is in that video isn’t he? That’s what my music sounds like. Not the reggae bit but rather the Paul McCartney singing Bob Marley bit.

Which rapper should cover a song by you – and why?
KANYE WEST, duh! He gave me my name so he’s obviously the one to rap over my (his?) songs!

Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?
I really don’t know…

If you’re music would be a film how would you describe it? What genre? What actors? Any surprising plot twists?
It would have a lot of dancing. Like a Bollywood film. But it’d really be a Spaghetti Western. Denzel would want to play me but I’d obviously play myself. Pretty tropical too: lots of pineapples and palm trees. Mojitos and cappuccinos. And the ending?!???! You SERIOUSLY have to see this movie, man! Yowzers!

If you could be reborn one day in some form – what would be your favourite choice?

The music & culture industry is currently about to redefine itself. Do you feel like being completely and utterly at the its mercy, or should things be seen as a chance for artists?
Things seen as a chance for artists, you say? Is that seriously a question? Everything should be seen as a chance for artists! Wait… I’ll go a step further: everything should be seen as a chance for everyone! Have you read 1984? Great book!