TeenDaze - NBHAP Guestmix“Living is easy with eyes closed” – a famous quote from the BEATLES classic Strawberry Fields Forever and probably the credo of the every-day-dreamer in all of us. While the actual living might be a bit difficult with eyes closed in a long-term aspect, it is quite fitting for dreaming away for a couple of minutes. So, thank god there is music like the one from Canadian electronic producer TEEN DAZE.

For quite some time now his remixes and original tracks spread like a wave through the blogosphere thanks to their bright synthesizer sounds. Some might call it dream pop, others maybe chillwave but it’s pretty sure that TEEN DAZE is not a fan ob labelling his sounds. He lets the music do the talking, constantly dedicated to the progress of these soundscapes. Which makes NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION quite happy to have this talented man selecting some of his current favourites for an exclusive NBHAP Guestmix.

The producer on his choices: “This collection of songs showcases some of the inspiration for the next LP that I’m working on; a more psychedelic affair, with an importance still placed on the inclusion of synthesizers. These songs are providing the foundation for how I’m writing the demos for the next LP.” Looks like we can expect big surprises in the future – and these 35 minutes are just the teaser. The previously rare TEEN DAZE tune Humanimals works as some sort of bridge between past and future as the artist claims: “It is s a b-side from my EP, ‘A Silent Planet’. That EP is the most closest tie between the new LP, and my previous releases.”

So, in case you have nothing more essential to do, please close your eyes for the next 35 minutes, don’t think about life and the daily races and dream away to this mix.

01. CARIBOU – Irene
02. CANDY CLAWS – Hidden
03. MEMORY TAPES – Thru The Field
04. BROADCAST – Man Is Not A Bird
05. BIBIO – A Tout A L’heure
06. BONOBO – Cirrus
07. SUPERSTRUCTURE – Connection
08. TEEN DAZE – Humanimals