The 1975 - Girls - VideoBritish indie newcomers THE 1975 share their colourful new music video for Girls, taken from this year’s self-titled debut. And when we say colourful we really mean it. After previous clips by the band were all moody and black and white this looks like a lot of fun. Frontman Matthew Healy got his own explanation for the stylistic change: “When we released our last video (Sex), people really reacted to the fact that it was in colour. There was a lot of conjecture and talk surrounding it – due to the fact that it was an unexpected stylistic change. It was brought to our attention that certain people thought we were ‘conforming to a record companies wishes’ along with other expected and unexpected clichés. Obviously this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Furthermore he adds: “We kinda wanted to make a tongue in cheek video about it. Twinned with our love of 80’s pop, its innocence, grandiosity and conceptual ideas in music videos – we wanted to make a video about a record label’s attempt at enforced conformity.” Find out for yourself if THE 1975 succeeded with the concept, right here.

[youtube id=”QkubQCI4Fxo” width=”600″ height=”350″]
German fans can watch the video right here.

THE 1975