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No Music On A Dead Planet: Why NBHAP Supports “Music Declares Emergency”

We're living in the middle of a life-threatening environmental crisis and despite an increased understanding in the minds of many people there’s still not enough action that is taken to actively turn the wheel around. The music industry is just another part of our society that’s still too silent when it comes to this topic. Music Declares Emergency wants to change that and here NBHAP Norman Fleischer explains why he actively decided to support the organization a few months ago.
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A New Set Of Rules: An Interview With The 1975’s Matt Healy On Closing The Band’s First Chapter

Almost a decade after first arriving on our musical map the British pop heavyweights have finally released their fourth full-length. It became a wild ride, yet a very personal reflection on Matt Healy's twenties and maybe the middle of this lockdown is the perfect moment to talk about what appears to be the end of an era for the group. NBHAP head and longtime The 1975 fan Norman Fleischer spoke with the band leader about past, present and partly also future.
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Sleaford Mods - Press

100 Must Listen Songs Of The 2010s: Numbers #75- #51

As this decade is approaching its end it is time for a little reflection on all the great music we experienced over the course of it. Of course, this is NOT an ultimate and universal Top 100 list. It simply can't be but these are the songs you should definitely give a spin before the decade is over. The second bunch of tracks include Beyoncé, Warpaint, Chet Faker, The 1975, Wolf Alice, Amen Dunes, Moderat, London Grammar and more
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