Who is it?

We already told you about Cameroon-born and NYC-raised songwriter Laetitia Tamko and her alter ego VAGABON a while back when we couldn’t stop praising her track The Embers and this year’s truly satisyfing debut album Infinite Worlds which you should all have checked out by now, right? Anyway, here comes the latest argument in the form of the clip for Fear & Force.

Why should you listen to it?

The song itself is a charming little indie love song by Tamko and dedicated to whoever that mysterious Freddy might be. The Zadie-directed music video is a tender and gentle affair that works as a great statement about the fragile beauty and importance of love. Shot on 35mm film it follows a young couple around as they spend a day driving out of the city and enjoying a day in the woods. Of course it’s not all paradise but so is love. According to VAGABON he clip should also ‘highlight the blurred and murky lines between friendship and intimacy’ which it does pretty well.

What’s next?

Like previously mentioned, Infinite Worlds is still out now via Father/Daughter Records and you are happily invited to discover its beauty right now and enjoy the singer/songwriter on her forthcoming tour. Dates can be found at the bottom of this page.

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