Xul Zolar - Ilajaly - Video

It’s been a while since heard anything from crafted Cologne indie trio XUL ZOLAR, wouldn’t you agree? Some of you might remember the smooth video session they did for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION during the 2013 IMMERGUT FESTIVAL. But now the three gentlemen return with a new single called Ilajaly which they released earlier this month. And what a shame that we almost overlooked this little piece of easy floating math rock.

The band is spreading tropical wave pop in the hypnotic style of bands like GLASS ANIMALS or even the good old TALKING HEADS. Ilajaly also comes with a fancy clip, directed by David Kilagöz. In it you can witness XUL ZOLAR spinning around in a foggy environment as their performance melts with psychedelic visuals. Just the right setting for this song. The track is taken off the band’s forthcoming debut LP which will arrive next year. Enjoy the song right here.