Sacred Ground Festival

What do you do when you’re a bit fed up with the current festival landscape? Right, you create your own one. Well, easier said than done but songwriter RY X and his buddy, electronic music producer FRANK WIEDEMANN took the risk. And now the two gentlemen – also known as HOWLING – are about to present the first edition of their very own Sacred Ground Festival. On July 11 the two gentlemen will invite all fans to a small and sweet farm in the lovely landscape of the Uckermark, north of Berlin. Unusual spot, unusual concept, indeed. This could easily be one of the most interesting new events of the summer.

The festival starts on Saturday, July 11 at 12pm and runs til Sunday, July 12, 14pm. You can purchase your ticket (including camping) right here.

And if you aren’t convinced yet, take these unbeatable six arguments.

Reason 1: The basic spirit behind it

The whole line-up for the Sacred Ground Festival is less about big names but more about bringing friends together and celebrate a certain feeling of unknown. Ry explained the idea in a recent interview with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION: ‘We have different people from different parts, it’s our own line-up. Festivals at the moment are so curated and it’s just like a model.’ He might not know each and every act playing but he relies on the opinion of his friends as he states: ‘I think what’s really nice about what we’re trying to do is create some freedom, create a little bit of unknown. Even for ourselves.’ It’s about discovery and surprise.

Reason 2: A spectacular venue

First of it… every Berlin inhabitant wouldn’t mind leaving the city for at least a day, right? And Brandenburg can be really nice, especially in the summertime. And the fact that the artists chose a over hundred years old farm for their event should underline the organic and intimate idea of the event. This is not your ordinary ‘summer open air’ stage at the beach, that much is for sure.

Sacred Ground - Farm

Reason 3: The celebration of intimacy

Only 800 people will get entrance to the event, so expect a really lovely spirit. The idea is to not really have a boundary between audience and artists. It’s more a get together of friends and lovers of art who just happen to be in a place full of good music.

Reason 4: Organic flavour all over the place

No festival would be complete with good food. And in the case of the Sacred Ground Festival you’ll get the best of the best from the local foot market. The event will serve tasty stuff from the region that will hold something for every one. A local bakery will bake bread live on the area and there’s also vegan ice cream that’s gonna get served. There’s even going to be organic toilets and not the usual crappy ones. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Sacred Ground - Farm

Reason 5: It’s more than just music

We already mentioned the food but expect your trip to the old farm to be more like one to a little fantasy world. Plenty of local artists like 44flavours or MYMO will turn the ancient area into a spectacular and colourful place that combines its traditional look with a more contemporary urban flavour. And just wait when until the sun finally settles.

Reason 6: Celebrating Musical Freedom

The whole idea of Sacred Ground Festival is about freeing yourself from certain limitations of ordinary open air events. So, we have a great selection of artists performing but no fixed timetable. RY X will perform solo as well as in the form of HOWLING, WIEDEMANN himself also brought his other band ÂME. Get carried away by the dreamy sound of Australian band TORA and dance the night away with DAUWD. Well, and there might be even room for spontaneous collaborations. Or in the words of RY: ‘Challenge the whole thing. Just to try it. We don’t know what will happen.’ But NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to find out.

Did we get you excited about this? Good, because we’re giving away a few of those tickets for the Sacred Ground Festival on July 11. Just write us a mail with the subject ‘Sacred Ground’ to, including your full name. The competition runs til July 8. Good luck everybody, see you on the farm!

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