From left to right: Preouccupations, Desperate Journalist, Eagulls

From left to right: Preouccupations, Desperate Journalist, Eagulls

Driven drums, a mumbling bassline, sharp guitars and a voice that augurs badly. Yes, these are some of the ingredients that made Postpunk one of our favourite musical genres here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Desperation meets frustration, sad melancholia clashes with harsh anger, all drenched in black and white. The Postpunk subgenre follows familiar paths but remains ageless. From the early inventors like JOY DIVISION, WIRE, THE CURE, DEVO to plenty of others from the late 70s and early 80 that remain critically underrated. There are still quite a lot of artists you can and should discover these days.

Following a short revival after the turn of the millennium with bands like INTERPOL and EDITORS the renaissance of the ever vital genre isn’t over yet. In fact, we got the sense that another new wave is currently hitting us hard. Well, dark times often call for dark music and the demand is there, to say the least. There are plenty of great talents, new groups and stunning releases out these days and today we’d just like to you take a moment and get to know these nine fanscinating groups in an instant.

1. Preoccupations

Founded: 2012 (originally as VIET CONG, changed name in 2015)
Origin: Calgary, Canada
Latest Album: Preoccupations (2016)

2. Levin Goes Lightly

Founded: 2013
Origin: Stuttgart, Germany
Latest Album: Neo-Romantic (2015)

3. Protomartyr

Founded: 2008
Origin: Detroit, USA
Latest Album: The Agent Intellect (2015)

4. Merchandise

Founded: 2008
Origin: Tampa/ Florida, USA
Latest Album: A Corpse Wired For Sound (2016)

5. Desperate Journalist

Founded: 2013
Origin: London, England
Latest Album: Desperate Journalist (2015)

6. Girls Names

Founded: 2009
Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Latest Album: Arms Around A Vision (2015)

7. Eagulls

Founded: 2010
Origin: Leeds, England
Latest Album: Ullages (2016)

8. Ought

Founded: 2012
Origin: Montreal, Canada
Latest Album: Sun Coming Down (2015)

9. Savages

Founded: 2011
Origin: London, England
Latest Album: Adore Life (2016)