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It is our dedication to anticipate the future of music, looking for exciting talents and artists you should know about. NBHAP’s brand new ‘Introducing’ section is the place for taste pioneers, musical enthusiasts and those of you who would like to be there before the hype kicks in.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: National Service

The beloved British indie rock newcomers return with a first teaser of their new EP. Discover it along with other sweet new songs by Pizzagirl, Sam Johnson, Aaron Smith, Girl In Red and more in our playlist

Band On A Boat: We Met The Bland Live On Their Very Own Yellow Submarine

The Bland – five talented musicians from Sweden are reviving the rock genre. Warming our hearts with emotional and witty lyrics and catchy hooks this musical wind from the north is to be reckoned with. Ahead of the release of their album 'Beautiful Distance', planned for mid-August, we had a chat with the band’s singer Axel Öberg.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Dameer

The smooth piece of lo-fi pop opens our newcomer playlist, along with other sweet new songs by The Murder Capital, Esther, Closer Talker, Au/Ra, Griff, Xul Zolar and a few more. Come and discover these fabulous tunes.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: The Ghost Of Helags

The band's haunting new single "Autobahn Lullaby" opens our weekly selection of exciting new music which also includes fresh tunes by Ilgen-Nur, Harry Heart, Great News, Talibah Safiya and others joining the playlist party.

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