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NBHAP Rating: 4,1/5


[one_half last=”yes”]LANA DEL REY

Release-Date: 18.09.2015
Label: Interscope/Polydor

01. Honeymoon
02. Music To Watch Boys To
03. Terrence Loves You
04. God Knows I Tried
05. High By The Beach
06. Freak
07. Art Deco
08. Burnt Norton (Interlude)
09. Religion
10. Salvatore
11. The Blackest Day
12. 24
13. Swan Song
14. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood



Endless vacation with the dame

Thanks to her previous work, the summer of 2014 was full of regrets, broken pride and self destruction. This time LANA DEL REY prepares us for a memorable early fall. And, gosh, how hard it will be. From the west coast and its marvelous beaches to hot Latin American places, the singer takes us on a journey and she has the soundtrack in her purse. Getting high, eating ice cream, praying to God. All at once. The quick follow-up to last year’s Ultraviolence is packed with all sorts of adventures.

Marriage with a termination date

All the holiday activities might sound shiny and bright, but it would not be an all LANA DEL REY-esque trip without big melancholic sounds and dramatic stories. As we could expect, euphoria has not much space in the artist’s universe. Everything has been kept cool and down to earth, the ecstasy plays again in your mind, when the slow bass and dragging drums lead trhough the singer’s unique mezzo-soprano voice.

Anthems of a rocky career

It is no secret that LANA DEL REY was one of the most dubious newcomers a few years ago when she put out her debut Born To Die in 2012. After some struggle she is finally one of the most interesting contemporary artists on the market. Without fighting against her haters, she keeps her lyrical content and musical style equal. Tragedy, heaven and love, Honeymoon sounds like a mixture of all her previous works. Hip Hop-orientated and cinematic like her first LP (Music To Watch Boys To, High By The Beach), mysterious like the add-on Paradise (Freak, The Blackest Day), rough and edgy as Ultraviolence (Honeymoon, God Knows I Tried, Religion). Make a wish, but do not expect it to come true. LANA DEL REY’s Honeymoon is a dreamland. And we all know dreams are not for real.

LANA DEL REY’S Honeymoon again is pure nostalgic joy. Die hard fans have found their newest piece of art, the rest of us has to decide whether it is an unique masterpiece or a replaceable item.