Okay folks, let’s start with the bad news here. Climate change is real and unless you are a complete moron like the 45th president of the United States of America you should accept that. The latest proof arrives in the form of the massive heat wave we are currently facing in Europe, forcing us all to face increased amounts of sweat while simultaneously damaging agriculture and causing forest fires. It’s a mess and you should be aware of it, to say the least. However, the positive side effect is indeed the extended and intense summer we are facing right now, bringing us warm summer nights and cosy times outdoors with your best friends. Yes, the summer 2018 is intense but at least it’s here.

And as often in life the things are way better with good music by your side. You know us: NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION always got the finest musical selections to company you in such situations. While we also got our more electronic sounding Smooth Summer Days playlist for your next pool party we’d like to recommend the additional Sunny Indie Vibey Playlist once more, especially since we put in a few more tunes. Lovers of gentle lo-fi indie vibes, dreamy rock melodies and tender sunshine folk are happily invited to welcome these new underground goods we carefully picked for you. The latest additions include such promising artists like Molly Burch, The Rareflowers, BRTHR and Jakob Ogawa. Besides that you’ll also find old favourites like Courtney Barnett, Snail Mail, Vampire Weekend, The Coral, Kings Of Convenience and The War On Drugs in this over five hour long selection. And if you happen to love what you hear you will also find additional playlists at our Spotify profile. Enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget to drink enough and act responsible towards Mother Earth … just so we can have a few more wonderful summers together in the future.