XOXO - Leipzig - BannerKisses and hugs – there ain’t nothing better, especially on a cold night by the end of October. Well, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is not sure if you’ll get actual kisses and hugs on October the 26th in Leipzig – but what we guarantee you is a night of entertaining electronic music. Ladies and gentleman, we’re happy to present you the first XOXO FESTIVAL at the city’s new location Täubchenthal. A new place for popculture and a new event for some of our current favourite acts.

So, number one comes with Copenhagen’s finest experimental wave group WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE. With their latest album Infinity Pool and their unique magic these guys are about to shake the walls with vibrating beats. Furthermore we got BODI BILL side project THE/DAS on board as well as electronic dance hype CATZ’N’DOGZ and the exciting British epic pop band MNRS. And there’s another club room featuring further acts.

As you can see, plenty of arguments to visit the beautiful city of Leipzig on that night. And who knows – if you share some love you might get it back in return. Watch the brand new trailer for the event right here.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/306783006130637/
Tickets: http://www.taeubchenthal.com/events/event/xoxo-hugskisses-indoorfestival/