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DJ Supermarkt Celebrates Grooving Diversity In This Exclusive “The Black Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco” Guestmix

It's a weird summer for all of us; this season feels different and forces us to improvise on a lot of things - and clubbing is one of them. Luckily we got a true expert for smooth disco grooves on board to help us with that. DJ Supermarkt returns to the digital turntables with a wonderful selection of laidback and soulful gems from the good ol' days. It's a much needed celebration of diversity, female power and positive spirit - and we could all use a bit of that in the year 2020, right?
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10 Meditative Soundcloud Sets To Get You Through Quarantine

What to do when you are forced to stay on your own most of the time? The ongoing Corona pandemic is forcing us to find new arrangements in our life and sees us facing different levels of stress. How to cope with all that? Remaining calm and sane might be the most crucial aspect here and obviously music can help a lot in achieving that state. NBHAP head Norman is quite an enthusiast when it comes to the exploration of DJ Sets and mixtape on Soundcloud. Right here, he gives insight into some of his recent favourites.
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