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We’re constantly having our eyes on the future of music, look for exciting new talents and those artists and songs that might change your life. NBHAP’s ‘Ahead’ category is the place for first movers, musical explorers and those of you who’d like to discover new sounds before all your cool friends.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Hazel English

Start your week with the sunny vibes of her new single "Off My Mind" and other fresh tracks by talented newcomers like Jockstrap, Morgan Harper-Jones, Evan Klar, CMON, Eve Owen and Fretland. They are all waiting for you in our playlist
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Join Sailing Stones For Some Soul Searching On Their New Single “The Fire Escape”

When you google the name Sailing Stones you will see a whole lot of deserts, sands and documentaries about a mystical natural phenomenon. The stones, which seem to move at first glance, can be explained by the work of physics and water melting underneath them but the name still rings in the ear like magic. Something about the slow, yet continuous movement of the rocks fascinated the musician Jenny Lindfors and she took on the name as a moniker for her musical solo work.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Sea Girls

The latest British guitar pop sensation is delivering one hell of an anthem with "Ready For More". Stream the song along with new music by CIEL, James Alexander Bright, The Flavians, Westerman, Marion Belle and more.
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Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Fluqx

The complex and fascinating electronic music gem leads this week's update for our beloved newcomer playlist along with new songs by ACUA, Lauran Hibberd, Lisa Heller, Orchards and more musical goodies.
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