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We’re constantly having our eyes on the future of music, look for exciting new talents and those artists and songs that might change your life. NBHAP’s ‘Ahead’ category is the place for first movers, musical explorers and those of you who’d like to discover new sounds before all your cool friends.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: White Flowers

The haunting dream pop by the British two-piece is opening this week's selection of newcomer tracks. Further additions to our playlist include Still Woozy, Oska, Oya Paya, Ashe, Hollie Gautiér and a few others.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Kaktus Einarsson

The Fufanu leader teases his solo debut with a pretty impressive piece of music that's opening this week's update of our newcomer playlist. Find it along fresh tracks from Wyldest, Maple Glider, THALA, Spill Tab, Evolfo and others.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Greentea Peng

The buzzing British psychedelic/soul sensation is teasing her anticipated debut album with a new single called "Kali V2". Find it in this week's selection of wonderful newcomer tunes which also includes tracks by Friedberg, VARLEY, BSÍ, Charlotte Cardin, Social Haul and more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Elephants On Tape

The Leipzig-based indietronic outfit opens our newcomer playlist with her gentle single "Electrons". Further additions to this lovely little list include music by Danube, Post Coal Prom Queen, Maud, Alina Pash, Pastel Stereo and others.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Chloe Foy

The tender "Shining Star" is opening this week's selection of newcomer tunes. Catch it along with music by Pretty Preachers Club, Sunjacket, Rosie Darling, White Flowers, Etaoin and more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Mia Joy

The gentle ambient folk of the American songwriter is opening this week's newcomer selection on NBHAP. Our playlist also features fresh entries by April June, Florence Arman, Dry Cleaning, Sugarstone, ZUSTRA and a few others.