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The Hype Is Raw: Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. Just Got Started

Fontaines D.C. are one of the rising stars in the musical landscape of 2019. With “Dogrel” the band from Ireland released a remarkable debut, mixing edgy indie-rock, post-punk and garage. NBHAP editor Abhilash Arackal sat down with bass player Conner Deegan to review the last twelve month and to take a look at expectations, ambitions and their hometown Dublin – and got a hint of what to expect in 2020.
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The Potential of Noise: Catching up with METZ

Noise music has experienced a small revival in the last couple of month with several bands and artists releasing records with similar characteristics in their soundscape. We talked to METZ lead singer Alex Edkins about these phenomenon, his personal affection to noise music and what it can do for oneself and for the audience.
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