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Meet interesting newcomers and get to know their sounds and stories.

Dancing With The Shadows: Introducing The Poetic Pop Of Oehl

With a serious touch of romantic singer-songwriter's art, met by an electronic and mellow charm, the Austrian-Icelandic duo Oehl is one of the most adventurous output German-speaking pop has to offer right now. NBHAP author Andreas met up with the two masterminds behind the project to talk about sources for their lyrical output, the art of borrowing and why they do not want to write songs about mobile devices.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Kush K

Fall for the hypnotic spell of the progressive rockers from Zurich but don't forget to also check out fabulous new music from Carla Geneve, Subtle Pride, Finn Ronsdorf, E^ST, Cuntrie and more in our playlist for young ans aspiring talents.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Liza Anne

The young songwriter spreads a much needed dose of "Desire" in her recent single. Find it on our newcomer selection along with fresh tracks by Some Sprouts, James Alexander Bright, Pabst, Racoon Racoon, Willie J Healey and ohers.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Vaarin

The Norwegian newcomer unveils her majestic new single "Palace Square" which you can enjoy in our newcomer selection right now along with fresh songs from Squid, Charly Haze, The Losing Touch, Harkin, Olivia Anna Livki and more talents.

Introducing AVEC: “Finding A Safe Place For Myself”

The Austrian-bred singer-songwriter AVEC has set out to transform challenging experiences into delicate songs of hope and compassion. NBHAP author Andreas went along with her a part of the way and would like you to get to know this exciting artist.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Róka

"Bones" is a brand new collaboration with Head Under Water and you can exerience it right now in our newcomer playlist. Other fresh additions to the selection include Little Element, Drens, Secret Treehouse, Tungz and a few more artists you should know about

Of First And Second Loves: Introducing Arlo Parks

Here is an artist for the 'Super Sad Generation'. Arlo Parks sings out of the hearts and souls of millenials struggling with hopeless love, overwhelming influences, and self-exploration. We met the singer ahead of her very first headlining show in Berlin.

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