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Meet interesting newcomers and get to know their sounds and stories.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: The Pale White

The buzzing British rock band unravels their new single "Polaroid". Find it on top of our newcomer playlist along with fresh songs from Catholic Action, Becky And The Birds, Very Very, Marie Dahlstrom, Paper Thieves and more.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Amy Milner

The Suffolk-based singer-songwriter delivers a haunting piece of alternative pop that starts this selection of great new talent, including The Institutes, Great News, Julia Bardo, Malena Zavala, Quarry and more.

Núria Graham Retraces The Steps Of Her Ancestors On ‘Marjorie’

The Spanish songwriters has been fascinating us for a few months now. Today, Núria Graham is inviting us to the Irish coastline and into her very own world, while she reconnects with her family roots on 'Marjorie', the title-track of her forthcoming new album. We got the first exclusive spin of it for you.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: Hazel English

Start your week with the sunny vibes of her new single "Off My Mind" and other fresh tracks by talented newcomers like Jockstrap, Morgan Harper-Jones, Evan Klar, CMON, Eve Owen and Fretland. They are all waiting for you in our playlist

Introducing Jo Goes Hunting: If Modern Dance Was Music

Alright, it is 2020 now isn’t it? So you should all be ready for some avant-garde shit because Jo Goes Hunting is coming our way and he will not stop. Get to know the young men ahead of his upcoming performance at our new "We Need More Indie" event series.

Listen AHEAD Playlist Update: YĪN YĪN

Start your week with the band's trippy new single "Thom Kï Kï" and discover more exciting new music via our newcomer playlist in the form of Mumrunner, Head Under Water, RIIVA and Sailing Stones.

Join Sailing Stones For Some Soul Searching On Their New Single “The Fire Escape”

When you google the name Sailing Stones you will see a whole lot of deserts, sands and documentaries about a mystical natural phenomenon. The stones, which seem to move at first glance, can be explained by the work of physics and water melting underneath them but the name still rings in the ear like magic. Something about the slow, yet continuous movement of the rocks fascinated the musician Jenny Lindfors and she took on the name as a moniker for her musical solo work.

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