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Kasper Bjørke - 'After Forever' - Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]KASPER BJØRKE
After Forever

Release-Date: 22.09.2014
Label: HFN Music

01. Rush (feat. Tobias Buch)
02. Sylvia (feat. CTM)
03. Marbled Blood (feat. Soho Rezanejad)
04. TNR (feat. Jaakko Eino Kalevi)
05. Grit
06. Lies (feat. Nomi Ruiz)
07. Into Smithereens
08. Apart (feat. Sísý Ey)
09. Forever

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Avoiding the dancefloor

Usually, KASPER BJØRKE is one of Denmark’s finest representatives of delicate dance music. Pumping techno beats with an undeniable dark undertone and a love for the club. But this time, the acclaimed producer is really avoiding the sticky techno clubs of Europe and rather takes a dark path into his own musical roots. After Forever shows a quite different but exciting aspect of the man.

Dark Wave Dynamics

Like his buddy TRENTEMØLLER Mr. BJØRKE seems to have enjoyed a musical socialization in dark areas of synthesizer pop of the 1980s. On After Forever these influences are finally breaking loose and unfold a haunting atmosphere, packed with references and a great choice of guest singers. JAAKO EINO KALEVI, CTM and Co. help to give each track its own trademark and make the record almost sound like a sampler but with a coherent concept.

Into the rabbit hole

Gentle bells and Tobias Buch’s soulful vocals open the album with an ironically titled track called Rush (as he is actually slowing down the pace). Dark sequencers and yearning synthesizer pads create atmospheric environments. Even instrumental pieces like Grit and Into Smithereens are well placed while the quite commercially sounding Apart seems to be a bit out-of-place at first but still remains quite catchy in the end.

KASPER BJØRKE celebrates his love for 80s dark wave and pop on ‘After Forever’ which might not appeal to his usual listenership but gives a great insight into his influences.