Although still being quite new to the whole music industry, young German five-piece NEWMEN seems to be pretty focussed in terms of the music they want to make and the influences they want to represent. This year’s debut longplayer RUSH RUSH deals – according to the band – ‘with the contradictory presence and its schizophrenic Retromania versus technological possession.’ It’s a bit of mixing VELVET UNDERGROUND with 80s wave and put them all together in a quite radio-friendly formula without sounding like a too desperate attempt.

For NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION the crafted gentlemen dug deep in their own archives and compiled an electrifying selection of sounds, songs and visions for their very own NBHAP Guestmix. It invites to you either groove along or also drift into the unknown territories of space. A highly enjoyable ride which you can enjoy below. Here’s what NEWMEN have to say about their selection:

From rediscovered treasures to recent wave adoptions, from psychedelic dreams to African rhythms, from drone walls to Italian holidays, from NY muscle to B Düsseldorf: There is something about this mix, which you can’t put in an eclectic angle. It’s neither future nostalgia nor postmodern resignation. It’s something about the idea of contemporary music and how it should be. You could argue that contemporary is the opposite of something timeless and infinite. But who wants to live forever anyway?

01. HELL – Limbische System
02. PSYCHE – Contorting The Image (Reconstruction Mix)
03. DESIGN A WAVE – Pentatonic Skull
04. NEW ORDER – Confused Beats
05. GHOST NOTE – Kapwa
06. NICO MOTTE – Morning Mist
07. TEETH OF THE SEA – Sentimental Journey (Cage & Aviary Wyld Dub)
08. SEVERED HEADS – Dead Eyes Opened
10. JOSE PADILLA – Solito (Wolf Müller Water Dance)