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Liv Toerkell

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Leaving Meaning But Not The Music Industry: Why Michael Gira’s SWANS Are Not Dead

The two faces of swans; pretty on the outside but cruelly aggressive on the inside. Taking the ambiguity to another level is the band with the same name. What started in the 80s as one of the most notorious metal bands, grew wings and flew off to dark folk-inspired grounds. For the release of the band's 15th LP, NBHAP editor Liv Toerkell sat down with front man Michael Gira to speak about his work.
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Underdogs Of Berlin: Garage Rockers Gurr On Their Music And Hometown

Berlin is an inspirational Mekka for many pursuing a creative line of work. Yet, regarding the local garage and punk scene the ground could be richer. Nevertheless, female power band, Gurr chose Berlin as their home base. The Duo gained international acclaim with their independently produced debut record In My Head and after extensive festival hopping and touring Laura Lee and Andreya Casablanca returned to Berlin.
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