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Liv Toerkell

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Caught Backstage: Cat Clyde at Fluxbau, Berlin

Somewhere between gothic-tinged soul and bluesy folk music, singer and guitarist Cat Clyde takes her place. Influenced by classic blues artists like Leadbelly, iconic soul singer Etta James, and rock legend Janis Joplin, she creates her interpretation. We caught the Cat backstage at her recent Berlin gig to chat about touring life, green rooms, and her second record 'Hunter's Trance'.
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Sexual Liberation, Pigs, And Tomato Juice: Up Close With Marika Hackman

London is having a great musical run so far in 2019. With artists like Shura, Kate Tempest, IDER the city is bursting with creative energies. And you wouldn’t be able to speak about London’s fierce artistic scene without mentioning Marika Hackman. The singer has dabbled in various genres so far, and decided to not settle down. So, we had a chat with the down to earth woman to figure out what’s behind the vast musical facade.
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Getting Emotionally Educated By Alternative Pop Duo IDER

The alternative pop duo IDER – made up of Megan and Lily two talented musicians and singers – have a very special bond. They have been living and working together for six years. Now, IDER is about to release their debut record 'Emotional Education' and caught up with NBHAP editor Liv Toerkell to chat about the making off, pop music, and their friendship.
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