Sometimes I can’t help but wonder where the ongoing interest in neo-classic composers these days comes from. For a few years now it feels as if the demand for artists who’d like to combine their virtuosic piano play with atmospheric electronic sounds is constantly growing.

Artwork of ‘Oceanic’

Maybe it’s an increasing wish by the audience to have something relaxing and mindful in these accelerated times of confusion and to have some sort of constant in these chaotic times. Maybe it’s even more but the hype is for real and as long as it creates beautiful music I surely don’t mind this longing for cinematic intimacy.

And that brings us directly to German composer Niklas Paschburg who is set to release his new album Oceanic on February 9 via 7K! Records, the newly found neo-classic department of !K7 Records. Today, we’re debuting his new single Spark on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and the nature of the track definitely gives a good impression of his full-length which was heavily inspired by the Baltic Sea where Paschburg regularily spends his free time since his childhood as he also explains:

‘I went to the baltic sea and spent some time in a beach house to compose my album. Spark was my very first impression of this journey and I composed this song on my first day. It captures all my excitement but also respects where this journey will take me.’

Enjoy this lovely aural Spark right here.