The name Niklas Paschburg should definitely ring a bell by now if you happen to be a dedicated follower of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION over the past months. We first introduced him to you one year ago, he later joined us for a highly entertaining Palms & Circumstances session and recently also received a spot in our beloved Melancholic Moments playlist. Today we deliver you another argument to fall in love with his dreamy piano melodies via his brand new music video called Anew, another piece off his debut LP Oceanic.

The clip uses original footage from a short film shot by legendary surfer and filmmaker Bruce Brown (‘The Endless Summer’). The video for Anew features skateboarding manoeuvres performed by a group of young boys, using slow motion and a variety of camera-angles which might appear normal to us but were not really typical in the 1960’s. The result ist a vital selection of uplifting images which also go along with a certain feeling of nostalgia, something that somehow perfectly fits to the notion of Niklas Paschburg‘s sound, doesn’t it? Let’s ride along to it right here and catch the composer on his upcoming tour dates which are listed below.