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— Daily Tune 08/02/2018

Vök – ‘Breaking Bones’

Icelandic trip Vök know had to make music that draws goosebumps, and Breaking Bones, taken from their excellent 2017 album Figure, is a perfect example. It’s a luxurious piece of soft, fragile synth pop. They’re just dropped a video for it, which takes place at the scene of a hockey match in dystopia, where casual violence and players dressed liked Bionicles abound. Director Hörður Freyr Brynjarsson says ‘The idea came from a very vivid and instinctual image while listening to the song for the first time. Servants of society, facing each other, waiting to inflict pain. By time it was modified by the nostalgic sound of the synth echoing in the chorus, bringing in some elements of early 90s video games’ .They’ve also just released a Figure remix EP, and announced a new European tour.

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