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— Daily Tune 30/11/2017

30.11.17. Schultz & Forever

Jonathan Schultz, aka Schultz & Forever, has been a favourite around here for a long time, even as far back as 2013, if it’s possible to remember that long ago. He released the Broadcast Dynamics EP in 2015, and it was a superb collective of stylish rock music, poised between sleazy and sparkling. After a long silence, he’s finally back, with a debut album due for next year. And ahead of that a single. Backwards sees Schultz in new musical clothing, that of a big, shiny pop star. It’s a bright, powerful, synth-y number, Schultz channelling the 80s hard to create a euphoric pop song. It’s out now, and his debut album Grand Guignol is out in February next year.

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